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Trim, Tone & Transformed eBook
(over 240+ pages)

$39 USD - own for life

"Ready Set Fit" 8 Week Program
(includes nutrition and workouts)

$197 USD - own for life

Healthy Hebets Club
(Life Mastery with complete workouts, Meals, Private Community, Weekly Live Calls, Challenges and much more)

$1 USD Trial for 14 days


12 Week Coaching Program
(Private & Personalized)

$1,000 USD (3 monthly payments)


12 Week Coaching Program
(Private & Personalized)

$2,700 USD (pay in full and save $300) 

How do our programs work?

We have developed our coaching to be versatile, personalizable, able to be done effectively in any setting or even on the go. Our program designs bring foundational and long-lasting results. The six areas below express our 360 Healthy Hebets System.

Muscle Maximization

We need MUSCLE because it helps us burn calories. If you only diet, then your body will become skinny fat and the results are slow to show up in a meaningful way--our program lets people see immediate changes with long-lasting ones too!

Virtual Health Coaching

With daily monitoring, weekly evaluations, and monthly overviews our coaching stands out. We use the right tools for measuring progress so that we can bring about results quickly without wasting time on unimportant tasks or distractions along the way.

Customized Meal Tracking

Your coach will be keeping an eye on your every meal, so you know there are no surprises coming up. You can count on them for support when needed. They'll react quickly and remind you about your goal to make this journey together!

Anywhere, Anytime Workouts

Having workouts that you can do at a gym, home, hotel, or outside is everything. Our workout routines have been crafted and perfected with hundreds of clients and are designed to sculpt the body. You will strengthen your core, correct posture, and build the body you have been dreaming about.

Weekly Evaluations

We have found that daily engagement makes our weekly evaluations effective and life giving. Knowing that your Healthy Hebets coach keeps track keeps you motivated. It empowers you with knowledge and confidence that the results will continue to come and are happening.

Healthy Habits For Life

Let’s be clear, having the right habits is everything. Habits are the tool to keep and sustain long-term results. We know that with the right habits all things are possible, including a happy, fulfilled, and transformed life. You will be a walking testimony that change is possible. 

Inspiring Interviews with a few of our amazing clients! 

Watch and Listen in to their journeys and how Healthy Hebets has served them through out their transformation journey.  


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