Losing weight does not have to be complicated.

With the right understanding of nutrition and fitness paired with the right coach, transformation is possible.
This is our origin story and why we do what we do.

You're tired of feeling tired, you want to get healthy but know it's going to take some changes.

The problem is that when we start making these changes, our lives can feel like they are falling apart. We have to give up things we love and miss out on opportunities because now we don't have the time or energy for them anymore.

We know you want this change and are here to help make it happen.

We want to see lives changed, because our life was changed.

Our founder, Jeremy Hebets, knows what it's like to be unhealthy, but not how you would think. Jeremy's story is one of personal growth and transformation. Early on, he experienced many difficult challenges.

  • At age four, he saw his father die.
  • As a teenager, he started using drugs and learned how to mask, numb, and avoid his feelings.
  • At age 17, he got sick with mono and caught a virus while surfing.
  • After being bedridden for three months, he went from 125 to 105 pounds. Then he got into a car accident.

Every story can change, especially with a great coach.

Jeremy's car accident caused him to have to start rehab and working out to regain his strength. He started to hang out with people at the gym who were doing things to better themselves. During that time, the gym's manager recognized himself in Jeremy and inquired if he ever thought about a fitness career. Jeremy took him up on it and became a trainer under him where he was able to hone his skills and learn the craft.

During his first few months, he met a lady who lost 70 pounds and wanted to lose 30 more, to reach 100. The gym was doing a transformation challenge and it would be the perfect opportunity for her. After some persuasion, she said yes. At the end of those three months, Jeremy and his client worked together to win the challenge.

She wrote him a letter that would set the tone for the rest of his life.

Part of her letter said, “That day Jeremy came by with a smile on his face and shared about this challenge was the day I was going to give up on everything. His belief and encouragement changed my life and helped me to reach my goal.”

Watching her life altered in such a drastic way affected Jeremy. He decided he wanted his life to be about something greater:

Seeing transformation and impacting as many people as possible.

Jeremy discovered true transformation goes beyond just the body it impacts all of us. This realization took Jeremy to gain knowledge in the mind, body, and soul. Jeremy's faith helped to connect this dot and has been a big part of his life, and as a result, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Religion with a focus in Leadership, and then a Master's degree in Theology with a focus in Leadership & Pastoral Care and Counseling. He has leveraged his life experience combined with years as a coach, integrating these tools into how he works as a coach within his program.

"What seems impossible today will become your possible tomorrow."

Jeremy Hebets


Jeremy has been in the fitness industry since 2002 and has worked with a wide range of clients with various needs:

  • D1 Athletes 

  • Extreme obesity

  • Elderly

  • Group focused programs

  • Boot camps

  • Corporate fitness programs

  • Semi-private training

  • Private training

  • Lifestyle coaching 

  • Professional Sports Chaplaincy 

Jeremy has built this company on his Beliefs, Experience, and Care. We have found through our proven results that when our clients have the right accountability tools, nutrition, and personalized fitness routines the desired goals become achieved quickly. We look forward to meeting you and helping change your desires into reality. 

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